Saturday, 26 November 2016

Chat: Battle Brothers Tournament

As Commissar Raphel said in his post very early this morning, today we have both partaken in a Battle Brothers style tournament, run for our school club! This involved us taking a 450 point army and teaming up with someone else to form a medium sized army that we then used to fight other pairs. I teamed up with a really nice guy called Lucas, who was very new to the hobby, and CR teamed with Jo, an experienced Tyranid player from last years finals.
Myself and Lucas managed to win all our games and get a good chunk if hobby points, while we also got a 20 point bonus because I had helped to mentor him through collecting, painting and playing with his first models. We were leading for a long time, however after the nominations we had drawn level with our friend Jake and his battle brother, meaning we had to do a good old RATLING GUN CHALLENGE, to decide who won! In the end Jake's team took out the tournament, yet we still got some great prizes. I personally walked away with 2 DV Space Marine characters, an old Logan Grimnar model, before he got on that stupid fecking sleigh, as well as a dice box and a handful of hobby bits! 
I would like to thank everyone who helped organise this tournament, and congratulate all the players - it was great fun. Special congrats have to go to Jake, Alex and Jo (who placed 3rd just behind me), and my battle brother Lucas. He really excelled himself in terms of painting, but his play and sportsmanship was exemplary. 
Stay Tuned as we have lots to share from our little hiatus, and much more to build, paint and play!

Friday, 25 November 2016

Update: Imperial Fists!

So last night my brain decided that sleep wasn't a priority but rather than sit around and waste the time I set about working on some of my Heresy Imperial Fists. I had 5 marines in MKIV armor already built and airbrushed with Averland Sunset so it was simply a case of finishing the yellows and then detailing. After about 6 hours, here's what I came up with:

Whilst 5 guys isn't enough for a unit in Horus Heresy games, I will be using these as a combat squad in a local battle brothers tournament later on today which will be the first time in a year that my BaC models will have properly hit the table. Once I've built up this army somewhat to a standard that is suitable for 30K though, I will most likely be using 2 or 3 of these guys as Sgt.s rather than standard marines due to the wargear that I've given them.

Marine with power sword and bolt pistol

This guy will be the Sgt. in today's games, armed with a power fist and bolt pistol

3rd marine who has the possibility of being a Sgt. the boltgun would allow for him to just be an adventurous standard marine though

Alongside the 3 shown above there are also two fairly uninteresting bolter marines to allow the group to be fielded as a combat squad in 40K.

Well it might have been a while since we last made a post on here but things have been pretty busy recently. We are currently trying to get one of our other wargamer friends to join us in this humble endeavor so hopefully we shall see him, along with some more content from myself and Daemon Colin, fairly soon. As always, thanks for reading,

-Commissar Raphel