Wednesday, 13 July 2016

Imperial Fists Contemptor

As promised yesterday, I took some pictures of my contemptor dread that I painted up alongside my squad of cataphractii. This guy is the plastic model from the Betrayal at Calth set however i made a few alterations to him. As well as the base i built using spare scenery parts, I spent some time reposing the mini so that he looked less static; moving one of his legs backwards and twisting the torso at the waist slightly just to give the impression that he's moving. After a lick of paint he's now ready to take to the field alongside his terminator brethren.

The finished contemptor with the cataphractii unit. These guys held their own against a unit of GK paladins with Drago in close combat recently!!

When I first started painting this model I was slightly worried that I would not be able to achieve the colours and effects that i did on the terminators. Luckily the layering and sponge weathering scaled up well and I was able to produce results on this guy that I'm really happy with.

Thanks for reading guys!
-Commissar Raphel

Tuesday, 12 July 2016

My Update - A Mammoth Task!

Well, as term is nearly over its good to get the blog properly going again. After exams and work experience I'm ready for the summer hols, and as I'm going to Iceland in like 4 days time, I'm pretty buzzing!
However, when I get back, I have one heck of a job on my hands, so I'd better get explaining...
Basically, the school that both Commissar Raphel and I attend has a Warhammer 40k club, run by quite an enthusiastic teacher! Recently, at an open evening which the club was a part of I discovered the state the club models are in. After seeing these, they made me want to stop doing the hobby, and so I volunteered to help sort it out, so I'm taking some of the models home over the holidays. When, I get hold of the models I will be able to show in my detail, but these models are:

I'm not sure how many models I will get to sort, but to my knowledge this is the amount of models the club currently has:
  • 3000+ points of Orks (a lot of these are the teachers personal models - although he's got no idea which ones are and which ones aren't!)
  • Betrayal at Calth
  • Ad Mech Start Collecting! Box
  • Necron Start Collecting! Box
  • Some random tau, space marines and other crap
I imagine I could well get a large percentage of this to sort out and sift through so I'm going to apply a simple step plan to all these models:
  1. Inventory the models to know what I have to work with and to work out whats gone missing etc
  2. For half built or unbuilt models find the pieces and build them up. For badly built models try and do what I can to make them look better! Repair damage with greenstuff and other bits
  3. Finish primed models, if unpainted prime and paint.
  4. Judge the painting of the other models and work out if they need stripping to be redone or if they will be acceptable as is.
This could take a long time but I see it as the only way to help improve the state of them - you'll see what I mean when I get the pictures up.
Also over the summer I'm currently planning to attend the Combat Patrol event being run on the 29th August at Warhammer World in Nottingham, so if you're going I'll see you there hopefully!
Stay tuned for some more posts, including me sorting this lot and also some updates on my CSM and Vampire Counts with perhaps some new Daemons models coming in for next year Schools League (450 pts woooo!).


Monday, 11 July 2016

Imperial Fists Cataphractii

Despite the fact that this unit (which personally I'm quite happy with) being finished nearly 3 weeks now, I've only just had chance to get some good pictures of them. These guys are the first unit of (hopefully) many for my 30K Imperial Fists army and they look great alongside my contemptor dread which was also finished around a similar time, but more about him in another post. As for the Cataphractii, I'll let the pictures do the talking.
The whole completed unit of 5

Sgt. with power sword and veteran with heavy flamer

Overall I feel as though I've done alright with these guys. I'm venturing out into a new field with the yellow and this is one of my first times really putting some effort into basing (Usually its just some simple texture paint or sand with a drybrush and maybe a wash).

Thanks for reading and I'll see you all in the next post!
-Commissar Raphel


Hey guys, sorry for the huge gap between posts, both Colin and I have been super busy lately though. However, I'm back. Plenty has been going on since we last posted such as the schools league finals where I was fortunate enough to win best army with my freshly completed renegades list (we came 10th out of 18 overall as a team which isn't too bad considering that we had both Tyranid and CSM players) Hopefully I can get the blog back on the road with the Facebook page and plenty of new content such as my renegade guard, Imperial Fists cataphractii, Nurgle themed Chaos Chosen and maybe even some Bolt Action. Stay tuned for more posts!

Commissar Raphel.