Thursday, 1 September 2016

Chat: My Day at Combat Patrol!

So, today I will share with you my day at Warhammer World, where I attended the Combat Patrol Bank Holiday Monday event! I went with one of my good friends Jake, who plays Grey Knights, and I of course took my Chaos Space Marines. This is my Patrol - 5 Chosen, 5 Raptors and 20 Cultists.

My whole patrol together!
Combat Patrol consisted of 5 400 point games throughout the day. The first game I played Deathwatch, and the guy, who was called Matt quite clearly wanted to win, but was friendly enough. Holy moley the Deathwatch rules are pretty strong! They can fire special ammunition which has 3 different modes - ignores cover, ap4 or ap3 with gets hot, but considering the Deathwatch reroll 1's most of the time anyway that doesn't really matter. His list consisted of 5 veterans, 3 bikes and 3 vanguard veterans. Long story short, he tabled me, and I didn't get a single victory point!
Getting the first game underway

Matt's army

Close up of the veterans

Bikes and Vanguard Vets
My second game was against a father son duo, whose names I can't remember - sorry guys! They were great opponents and I was quite impressed with the 8 year old boy who knew most of the rules! However, they had a Khorne Daemonkin list with a very scary Skulltaker and some Khorne Berzerkers. I lost narrowly, but managed to pick up my first 3 victory points of the day.

The third game was against a Tau player called Drew, who later went on to win the event overall. He ran a filthy list of 5 Pirahnas, a squad of Fire Warriors and 2 Crisis Suits. However, he was a great guy, and I gave him my Favourite Game Vote, even though he thrashed me 9-0! Unfortunately, I didn't get any pictures of his force.
My fourth game was against a Night Lords (CSM) player called Ray who had a beautifully painted army (won best painted). It contained a squad of Chosen, a lord on a (quad) bike and two Rapier Weapons Batteries (IA13) with Quad Heavy Bolters. This was a really effective choice and I will definitely get some to add to my Chaos force in the future! He also tabled me so, I'm still on a grand total of 3 VPs!
Ray's best painted Night Lords, note the Lord on the converted quad bike!

My final game was against another Tau player, called Russell. With my bad experience with Tau earlier in the day, I was very cautious when playing this game. The Fire Warriors and Breachers that he had laid down withering hails of fire, and there was one point in the game where I thought I was going to get tabled again! However, due to me taking out the Commander quite early on and making some lucky saves when charging, I managed to win that game 5 to 3.
So I finished the day having won 8 VP's and fully expecting to come last. However, to get the final score game VP's were multiplied by favourite game votes, meaning in order to get a final score you had to get a favourite game vote. I got 1 where about half of the people didn't so I placed 36th - thank you to whoever gave me that vote, you made my day! Congratulations to my friend Jake though, who at his first GW run external event (not Schools League), placed 4th, getting a whopping 3 favourite game votes!
Anyway it was a great day, and I came back full of hobby inspiration and new ideas and a new project, which will be revealed soon!
Stay Tuned

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