Saturday, 9 April 2016

Chat: My Grey Tide Headache...

Story of my life...
Like most hobbyists, I have a grey tide. However, mine is increasingly becoming a bit of a problem as I hop from one idea to another leaving behind me a wave of half painted and built plastic (and resin) models. As a result, I have had to restrain myself from buying anything new until I have completely finished and painted every single model that I own, to a good standard.
I find it difficult sometimes to get motivated to paint. Usually my motivation stems from tournaments, and since the only thing I have coming up is the official GW Schools League National Semi Finals later this month, I'm finding it difficult to sit down and paint, as most of my army is complete for that. So lets go through what I have that needs work:

Painted, yes - but not to a standard I'm always happy with

Chaos Space Marines
Raptors (5)
Bikes (3)
Daemon Prince
Cultists (20)
Chosen (5)

Zombie Dragon with no wings...

Vampire Counts
Battalion Box-
20 Crypt Ghouls
10 Dire Wolves
20 Skeleton Warriors (Unbuilt)
Corpse Cart

Vampire Lord on Zombie Dragon
2 Morghast Archai
FW Wight King BSB
2 Necromancers

Dark Angels
The entirety of Dark Vengeance (DA Side) :(

Even the Deathwatch would struggle to chew through this lot!

40 Genestealers
Won these for coming 3rd place in a recent charity cup I played in. Need stripping and the plan is then to sell them on ebay.

So as you can see, I will not be buying anything for next 2 months at least, but no doubt I will be tempted when I'm at Warhammer World on the 26th.
Better get started!

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