Wednesday, 13 April 2016

WiP Dire Wolves #1 - Test Scheme

And so it begins...
My first test model for the pack of 10 Dire Wolves I'm painting as part of my Vampire Counts army.
bark bark!

The main theme was based off of a simplified version of WarbossTae's Painting Dire Wolves video. I first basecoated the fur with Abaddon Black, the gory bits Khorne Red and the skin Rakarth Flesh. I also painted over all the bones with several thin layers of Screaming Skull.

I then drybushed the fur with Mechanicus Standard Grey and highlighted the blood and gore with Wazdakka. I also edge highlighted the skin with Ushabti Bone, however I think I would need more of this next time, as I don't think currently that it adds much to the model. I then gave it a massive coat of Agrax Earthshade, to bring all the bright colours down to a much darker tone.
The only thing I haven't done yet is the eyes, because I'm not sure what colour to do them in. Green perhaps?
I liked the scheme a lot so I've started basecoating the four of the others, as you can see in the group shot below.
Who doesn't love undead doggies?
Stay tuned for more updates!

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