Tuesday, 26 April 2016

Schools League Semi Finals - My Day!

So, yesterday our 40k and AoS teams took the train down to Nottingham for the 2016 Warhammer World Schools League Semi Finals. These were the teams -

Me - Chaos Space Marines
Alex (Commissar Raphel) - Imperial Guard
Jake - Grey Knights
Johannes - Tyranids

Lucas - Order - Lizardmen/Fyreslayers
Andrew - Order - High Elves/Sylvaneth
Will - Chaos - Skaven
Tom - Death

My List - Black Legion CSM
ML1 Sorcerer
2x Cultists
1x Raptors
1 Chaos Knight

Game 1
My first game was against this really great guy called Ross who played Dark Eldar. Concidentially, he also runs a blog so go check him and his team from Wolverhampton Grammar out at: http://wargamer-hq.weebly.com/ The mission we played was the Relic. Considering, that I had never played Dark Eldar before this was a new experience for me, and Ross had some great models in his army, including some converted Grotesques. Unoftunately, I didn't manage to get a shot of Ross's models so here are some pictures from the game.

My Chaos Knight with the Relic takes on Ross's Talos

The scene at the end of the game!
 In the end, even with Ross taking First Blood and Slay the Warlord, I just managed to win 4-2! Great game!

Game 2
My next game was against  a guy called Will from Norwich. He played a seemingly nasty Imperial Guard tank list, which started the game taking everything out apart from one squad of Cultists and my Chaos Knight, The Knight then went on a rampage taking out every tank but one Leman Russ, and securing the victory!

Will's beautifully painted tank list!

The Knight leaves a trail of destruction behind it
All in all another great game - Norwich went on to win the Most Sporting Team - Congrats guys!

Game 3
My final game was against a guy called Jake from Cambridge. He also played Chaos Space Marines, and had a great strategy for holding up my Knight! He charged some fearless Bloodletters in and held up the Knight for a turn. However when the Knight got out of combat and the Possessed became terrified and ran away, it became a well fought victory for myself.
Jake's Khorne themed CSM List
Despite fighting hard against some extremely cheesy armies, the AoS team did unfortunately not go through to the national final. Better luck next time guys!
Here are some cool pictures I got of really nice AoS armies/models, take a look:

Well, I got nominated for best painted, and Alex (CR) won something rather large, but I think I will let him tell you about that. All in all, we got through to the NATIONAL FINAL! 
Thanks to all my opponents - you were great - , the Suitglasses squad and Mr Hopkins for taking us to Warhammer World. We have something pretty big planned for the final, which we may leak on here....

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  1. I played that tank list too! I tabled him with 5 mins left on the clock! He has a big weakness, combat! Talos vs Pask's Punisher. Talos wins! I can send you some pictures of my army if you wish!