Sunday, 3 April 2016

Welcome to the Blog!

Welcome to Always Strikes Last, a new blog that covers wargaming and painting. We'll probably be focusing on Games Workshop miniatures however we'll probably expand and post about other systems from various companies too. The blog will mainly follow myself and a fellow hobbyist as we build and paint our way through various projects, and talk about many of the topics that tabletop wargaming has to offer. I will say now, don't coming looking to our blog for Golden Deamon winning paintjobs- both of us are nowhere near that level in terms of painting or modelling. We set this up to share our work and get feedback so that we can help improve our own work and, with any luck, give some inspiration to others.
Anyway, let us introduce ourselves:

I've been into wargaming since about Christmas 2014, so I'm a fairly new kid on the block. I'm currently working on the two armies I collect - Black Legion Chaos Space Marines and Vampire Counts, most of which aren't painted.

My fellow contributor and friend Commissar Raphel, who originally got me into the hobby, has been modelling and painting for the past 4 years and so is a great deal more experienced than I am. He currently is working on converting his Imperial Guard 666th Penal Legion to have an awesome zombie theme, and painting his Talabecland Empire army.

The plan is for at least one of us to update this at least once a week so we'll see how that goes.
Stay Tuned!
Daemon Colin

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