Saturday, 16 April 2016

Showcase: Tau Starter Army

After a recent influx of new players at our gaming club, it was inevitable that we would find some who, whilst enjoying the game, wouldn't be too enthusiastic about painting minis. This lead to me picking up a small, low level commission of a tau starter army and, after finishing it recently, i decided to share it on here.

Overall i went for a bright, simple and cohesive scheme across the whole force. With a palette of only 7 colours including the bases (blue, brown, black, gold, red, tan and light grey), the army has a clean and uniform look which allows it to stand out look impressive, even if each individual model is nothing special on it's own.

As aforementioned, each model really isn't a masterpiece, however i did put quite some work into posing the battlesuits. I tried to give them some height using the rocks so that they tower over the fire warriors and stand out from the rest of the army. 

There really isn't much more to say about an army that consists of 3 battlesuits, 10 fire warriors, an ethereal and some drones so I'm just going to leave a few pictures here and let the models speak for themselves.

Thanks for looking!


  1. Hiya guys! Our team is really glad that we got to play some absolutely brilliant players at the 40K School League today. Many thanks, for many very enjoyable and very entertaining games! Thanks again from Ross Deeley (Dark Eldar Player) and the rest of the Wolverhampton Grammar School team! You could also return a favour, and look at our blog!

    1. Cheers Ross! We really enjoyed our games against you as well!

  2. Also gonna give you guys a shout out! Because we thought you were really nice guys!