Tuesday, 2 August 2016

Chat: Changes To Schools League Rules

Seeing as the Schools League Coordinator recently released the rules pack
for next years Schools League I thought it would be a great chance
to have a look through what has been changed and how it will affect the tournament next year.

  1. POINTS REDUCTION TO 450 - Not overly happy with this one to say the least, I thought 750 was too small so I was a bit mad when this happened.
  2. Blanket ban on FW rules - I can see why this has been done as some FW stuff the rules are very overpowered, however I believe that if you pay more for a specific model you should be able to use the rules that come with it.
  3. Slay the Lord Of War - This is a new secondary objective introuduced for games which awards 8 points when scored. This basically shouts don't bring a LoW otherwise you're basically handing the game to your opponent. Not that many Lords of War fit in 450pts!
  4. Game points increase - Winning a game now gives you 10pts and a draw gives you 5. This switches the tournament to have more of a game focus which is not a bad thing in my opinion.
Overall I think that the coordinator is trying to steer Schools League to more of a skirmish tournament aimed at new players. Although this is not altogether a bad thing it makes every one of your units on the table a whole lot more valuable. If you have an opinion on this stick it in the comments below as it would be intereting to get more views on this.
Stay Tuned!

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