Sunday, 28 August 2016

Showcase: Box O' Tricks 5 Necron Warriors

Today I present the first showcase of Box O' Tricks models, hopefully with many more to come - Necron Warriors! Although they have the notorious reputation of being by far the easiest models to paint, I was really pleased with how these came out. After basecoating over the Leadbelcher with Ironbreaker, I then used Nuln Oil to wash them down and bring them to a darker hue. I also used small amounts of Agrax Earthshade to show rust, dirt or wear etc, which you can see mainly on the backs of the shoulders and some of the joints.

 I then completed the wires of the gauss blasters with a base of Caliban Green and then a highlight of Warpstone Glow.
You can see the Agrax Earthshade on the shoulders in this picture

However, the thing that I'm most proud of with these Necrons is the eyes. I'm useless at painting eyes and it always messes up a good model for me. I only messed up one but even he looks ok after some cleanup.

Anyway I think that deserves a minor hobby stamp for finishing some Necron Warriors, here's to doing a goal every day once a week?

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