Friday, 12 August 2016

Showcase: Chaos Knight

So today I have quite a special post for you guys - the showcase of my Black Legion Chaos Knight! I bought this £115 superheavy beast back in January when I decided that my Black Legion force needed a whole lot more punch. I have found in nearly two years of playing Chaos Space Marines one of the only ways to make them competitive is to add in Forgeworld units - at the peril of your wallet!

Although many of my wargaming friends advised me against it, I decided to paint my Chaos Knight in the colours of the Black Legion. I know that this isn't particularly fluffy as the Knights would be dedicated to Renegade Knight Houses, but I thought the black and gold contrast that makes up the Black Legion colour scheme would look quite good on the highly detailed kit. As you can see from the pictures, I think that it suits the model well.

There are a couple of things about my knight which I really think makes it unique, is the special gold on the armour plates that highlights a lot of the simple black, and the way I painted in between the cracks on the Knights carapace to show its devotion to Khorne. For the gold I basecoated Balthasar Gold, and then edge highlighted with Gehenna's Gold, I then washed it with Agrax Earthshade and once it was dry, I drybrushed the armour with Golden Griffon. This really helped to bring out the edges of the armour plates. For the cracks I wanted to create a blood effect to really show this renegade knights chosen god. I basecoated first with Khorne Red, then highlighted Wazdakka Red and then glazed with Bloodletter. To finish it off and add a blood effect using Tamiya Clear Red. In fact I used Tamiya for all of my blood effects on my Knight. I just prefer it to Blood for the Blood God! personally.
My Knight

The beautiful sculpt along with some of the best painting I've ever done has been backed up in game by an awesome set of rules in game. In the 10 tournament games I've played with this Knight I have only lost 2 of them! One was due to terribly bad rolls against Blood Angels and the other one was against some serious Grey Knight cheese.
Anyway, comments are welcome as always, and stay tuned for more posts about my chaos collection soon!

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