Thursday, 11 August 2016

Showcase: Screaming Eagles US Airborne

As I did with my German Wehrmacht force, I've decided to put together a little showcase of a very small portion of my US Airborne section of my Bolt Action US army. These metal sculpts are loads of fun to paint with plenty of character and detail and in my opinion, Warlord Games work much better with metal than plastic or resin.

This group is even smaller than the German force I posted yet I still thought
that they deserved their own post.

The bush on the base of this medium mortar team is actually the top of a 1:76
scale tree!

1st Lieutenant and rifleman 

This is the first of two airborne squads that I own, the other is currently
around 70% complete

Close up of the lieutenant

Another Close up, this time of the lieutenant's accompanying rifleman 

This hasn't been a long post but thank you for reading and hopefully this becomes a gateway to me finishing up and posting some more Bolt Action minis on here.

-Commissar Raphel

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