Monday, 8 August 2016

WiP: Box O' Tricks Necron Warriors #2 - Basecoats

After finally getting the necrons to a state in which they could be primed, I undercoated them with Games Workshop's Chaos Black Spray. I've always used GW primer, although it is expensive it does the job well. However, in the future I would like to try out the Army Painter coloured spray, although at the moment my local hobby store doesn't stock it.
I then applied a primary base coat of Leadbelcher over the main body of the necron as well as the blade on the end of the gauss blaster. This helped bring the models to life quite a bit, however they are far from done. Take a look at some of the pictures below:

I think that's all for this update, although I have some other posts in the works, which I should be able to reveal soon. More Box O' Tricks stuff as well as a showcase of some of my Chaos Space Marines, and some tactics posts aswell!
Stay tuned and thanks for looking!

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