Friday, 5 August 2016

Renegades and Heretics: My Undead Imperial Guard Force!

Until very recently, I've been a loyal servant of the one true God Emperor, that was until, Deamon Colin among others mentioned how dull my imperial guard army looked. I had 50 infantry, two super heavies, 7 tanks and a flyer, all painted in a shade of grey that was almost indistinguishable from unpainted minis. I decided to repaint them, and I remembered an idea that I'd had a good few years ago: Zombie Guard. Deamon Colin supplied me with some spares from his undead army and I started looking far and wide for inspiration. I finally settled on basing my force on the artwork from the cover of Iron Maiden's 2006 album "A Matter of Life and Death" which I feel embodies the sort of feel I wanted to go for. So that was that; less that a week until the schools league finals and I decided to convert and repaint every single model in my force. With a triumphant cry of "Leave no model unconverted" i set out on this slightly ambitions project, and this was the result.

Due to the tight schedule I was working to, every time a mini was finished, it was packed straight into my case ready for the tournament and I never actually saw the army as a whole until I unloaded it onto a tray at Warhammer World ready for the tournament. While I was happy with the results, I was not expecting the response that I got on the day. As a gaming list I don't think that what I was running was completely viable for a highly competitive setting however, I did bring something to the table for the team.

I was nominated for both "best army" and "best conversion" (For the fleshy camo netting on the russ) and much to my surprise I went on to win best army! 

This took me completely by surprise and I even though we didn't go on to win as a team, I was very pleased with what I achieved. Below I'm just going to add a few more shots of the army. I was offered to leave the models to be put on display at Warhammer World but I just couldn't bare to part with them when I finally came to make the decision.

A shot of the valkyrie on its own

Close up of the freehand work on the fuselage, again another little reference to my all time favorite band ;)

The first of the Leman Russ tanks. This was used as a Pask counts as. Got quite a bite on it yet it often succumbed to enemy fire early on in my games. 

Close up shot of "Pask"

Second Leman Russ

The flesh representing camo netting was what earned me the nomination for best conversion.

While I only used two veteran infantry squads in my games, this little group will probably be used as a command squad when I'm using this army as Renegades and Heretics rather than standard Guard

Possible contender for use as a company commander, Sgt., or priest

This was the first model I built for the army whilst toying with the idea. The main body is a DV cultist but the chest is a loose ribcage from a basing set and the hat and head are from the command squad and ghoul kits respectively.

Overall I had an absolute blast making and using this army. If I remember correctly it only achieved a win, a loss and a draw as an Imperial Guard list but when using it in all it's glory as a chaos renegades force I'm on a win/loss/draw ratio of 3:0:0, Not bad going if I do say so myself. I'm currently working out what I would like to add to this list and I have a few units currently in the pipeline already which I hope to share with you soon!

Thanks for reading! 
-Commissar Raphel

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