Thursday, 4 August 2016

WiP: Box O' Tricks Necron Warriors #1 - Rebuilding

The first thing I tackled in the 'Box O' Tricks' was the 12 Necron Warriors. I originally thought that there were only ten of them but when I counted up I had 11. This thoroughly confused me until I realised that they came in squads of 12 and I was just missing a complete warrior from the outset. After this setback I decided to process the warriors in two batches - one of 5 and the other of 6. Luckily I managed to find heads and arms for this batch of models and did a quick repair job in order to get them complete.

Ragtag band of warriors!

To get these models ready for spray primer I had a lot of mould lines and flash to clean up. I did this using my hobby knife. I also discovered that as you can see in the picture above, these had been quite clearly assembled by someone at the club who had little idea what they were doing - note the wannabe Death Jester, one in from the right!

However after many hours of cursing as the necrons were poorly glued so bits kept falling off, I managed to get them ready for the priming stage!
Stay Tuned for more posts and thanks for reading!

P.S. If anyone is going to the Combat Patrol event on the 29th August at Warhammer World then drop a comment below - it will be nice to meet some new people!

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