Monday, 1 August 2016

Box O' Tricks - What's Inside?

So... after I came back from my trip to Iceland, I cracked open the box of tricks (which is what I'm naming this project now) to see what treasures awaited me inside. I wasn't disappointed!

Inside I had models from a total of 6 different armies - some only were represented by single models and others had quite a lot in them. These were Necrons, Skitarii, Orks, Skaven, High Elves and Stormcast Eternals. So let's take a look...


  • 10 Necron Warriors - Some with heads some without - luck of the draw!
  • 1 Triarch Stalker - Half built missing a leg
  • 1 (part) Necron Overlord - Only found two parts of this guy so far!
  • 3 Scarab Bases - They need some redistribution.

    All 10 Warriors

    Scarabs and a lonely base

    Overlord Cape and War Scythe

  • 5 Rangers - All missing arms 1 missing head
  • 5 Vanguard - Need serious mould line attention!
  • A pile of spare parts
    I was surprised at these because there were no missing heads or arms! Low expectations, eh?

    5 Unloved Vanguard - Quite clearly the Omnissiah has not seen the need to give them arms!

  • 3 Prosecutors - Well built one missing the top of a hammer
  • 1 Lord Relictor
    Grey Prosecutors

    IMO the best looking Stormcast model - and I hate Stormcast with a burning passion!
  • 6 Killa Kans - Various degrees of quality - some painted some unbuilt missing parts etc.
  • 1 Trukk Gun? - Unpainted
  • A literal pile of Boyz
  • 3 Cave Squigs
  • 1 Warboss
  • Ork Boss Zagstruk - Painted

  • Random Ork Character - Painted

    Best Warboss Sculpt ever!

    'Ere We Go!

    Not sure who this guy is?
  • 1 Mk4 Tac Marine from B@C
  • 1 Skaven Warp Fire Weapons Team
  • 1 Aegis Defence Line Sentry Gun
  • 1 High Elf Wizard with a bent staff

So all in all quite a large haul of things to be getting on with. Most of the models are in the condition that I expected and so none really came as that much of a surprise. This project will be a lot of work but hopefully quite fun, and it will help me to improve my painting skill on a wide range of different models and armies.
Stay Tuned!

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