Saturday, 27 August 2016

Hobby Progress Challenge 2016/17 - Clearing the Backlog and Looking to the Future!

As the new season of Dave Weston's Hobby Progress season starts tomorrow, I thought that I would make my ambitious list before the year kicks off. For anybody who doesn't know, the Hobby Progress Challenge is an event run yearly by Dave Weston, who runs Confessions of a 40k Addict, ( a blog that is mainly focused on hobby and painting. It is designed to help the 'lazier' of the painters to get motivated to paint more models and progress with the hobby. You make a list at the beginning of the 'season' which starts tomorrow, and then try and complete as much of it as possible by the time the next summer comes round. When you complete different goals you can tick them off and represent them with some cool stamps - this year they are purple!

Love these stamps!
This is my first year that I have decided to enter this, partly because of my woeful amount of painting that I have completed in the last year, and also the backlog that I now have which I need to get rid of. Also I have plenty of future projects, that I would like to undertake which I will talk about in a bit. So without further ado, let me present my list for the Hobby Progress Challenge 2016/17 season! My major goals are labelled by the bullet points and my minor goals by the dashes.

  • Chaos Space Marines
- 5 Chosen (these need to be done this weekend for Combat Patrol on Monday)
- 3 Bikes 
- 1 Helbrute
- 1 Chaos Lord

  • Vampire Counts/Death
- 2 Necromancers
- 10 Dire Wolves
- 1 Lord on a Zombie Dragon
- 20 Crypt Ghouls
- 20 Skeleton Warriors
- 1 Corpse Cart
- 2 Morghast Archai

Would like to have this collection finished so that I could perhaps enter the GW AoS GT next year??
Also thinking of getting 40 zombies, and the Start Collecting Skeleton Horde box to add to my collection as well.

  • Dark Vengeance Dark Angels
- 10 Tactical Marines
- 1 Librarian
- 1 Company Master
- 5 Deathwing Terminators
- 3 Ravenwing Bikes

Need these just to be cleared so I can get on with other things.

  • Box O' Tricks ongoing project
- Necrons - 1 Overlord, 12 Warriors, 3 Scarabs, 1 Triarch Stalker
- AdMech - 10 Skitarii with more to come?
- Orks - 1 Warboss, some Boyz, 6 KillaKans, 1 Trukk Gun
- Stormcast - 1 Lord Relictor, 3 Prosecutors
- Anything else that the club likes to give me to paint!

This will just hopefully go on in the background as I work through various models.

Future Projects!!
So here I present some of my floating ideas for future projects and things that I may like to do in the future! I'm not necessarily committing to doing these yet, but I have them in mind.

  • 30k Death Guard - I've always wanted to dabble into 30k, one of the main things that has put me off is the price. However with B@C and other things such as kitbashing the entry level can now be quite cheap. I'm planning to make this completely out of this world with different armour marks, good painting, lots of conversions, as well as some cool bases. 
Also - Mastodon!
£300 of pure Forge World resin pocket (and battlefield) rape - what could be better?
  • 40k/AoS Daemons - Yep! More Chaos! Well, Daemons have the advantage to be used with both AoS and 40k, so I figured that it may supplement my Chaos Marines quite well. I particularly like Khorne and Tzeentch so that should be interesting if I decided to follow trough with this.
  • Bolt Action Germans - Deviating from Games Workshop can never be a bad thing, and Warlord are just as good a miniature company, and Bolt Action seems like a cool historical game for WW2. Also Commissar Raphel says its good and I would like to get some models for this.
  • 40k Dark Mechanicum?? - Possibility to bolster the forces of my Chaos army, just a very basic idea at the moment.

So, I hope you enjoyed looking at my hobby goals for the next year, and the ideas of some of my future projects! I would like to hear some of your hobby goals so if you have any, post them in the comments below, or perhaps join the 2016/17 Hobby Season over at!
Stay Tuned,


  1. I love how it all seems perfectly ready and achievable and then an additional 40 Zombies are thrown in ;) ha ha, good luck with it all. Bold choices and plenty of variety!