Monday, 1 August 2016

Showcase and Chat: The Humble Beginnings of my Wehrmacht Force

As we mentioned when we first started the blog, Warlord Games' Bolt Action was probably going to feature on here at some point. So after having some issues with photographing my Renegades and Heretics force I decided to try and see what I could do in terms of getting some decent pictures of a small portion of my German army.

When I first took the plunge into a new game system around a year ago now and bought the D-Day Firefight set, these (with the exclusion of the MMG team) were the first minis that I assembled and painted. I distinctly remember finding them to be an absolute joy to paint and I'm still quite happy with the finish on them now. Just the overall look and feel of Bolt Action models just inspires me. They might not be as detailed as Games Workshop minis but the simple nature of them is what I think really makes them shine in their own unique way. 

Since buying the starter box and playing my first few games I have accumulated quite the collection of a total of around 5K points in Germans and Americans and due to recently discovering the film "Enemy At The Gates" I am now turning my sights to building a Soviet Force. 

For now however I have decided to show only these few models as a little taster as to what's to come. When I have a little more space for taking pictures then maybe I'll do a few whole army shots but here are a few more pictures of the models above.

The first of the two 5 man veteran infantry units.
Second infantry squad, this time with an LMG
First lieutenant and infantryman with an assault rifle

MMG team. I built this before realizing that there should be a third man

Hanomag half track with two MMGs

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