Sunday, 14 August 2016

WiP: Box O' Tricks Lord Relictor #1 - Preparation

So carrying on with the Box O' Tricks project I prepared the Stormcast Eternals Lord Relictor so that I could paint it. As a whole I hate the Stormcast Eternals but this model actually looks good and is the best in the range in my opinion along with the Stardrake and the Dracothian Guard, despite their stupid names. The whole Stormcast fluff really does not agree with me as being gold souless bastards that are endlessly reformed when they die in battle just doesn't fit in with the idea of a fantasy setting. Well, that's what I think anyway.

To prepare this guy for painting I had to clear some mould lines and flash, these were particularly common around the banner area. Also the person who assembled this decided that it would be a perfect idea to plastic glue his scroll cape onto the back of the model before it had been painted. This was a nightmare for me as I would not be able to reach the back of the Lord Relictor's armour. Therefore I took the time to snap as much of this off as I could, luckily the gluing was completely awful so that helped. I managed to get one large section off and that will help me reach the back of his armour plate.
I also have 3 Prosecutors to paint from the Stormcast Eternals faction, so it was important that I settled on a colour scheme. I hate the gold and blue of the box art Stormcast and so I set out to look for an alternative scheme. I finally decided on the Hallowed Knights colour scheme, which consists of a main body of silver with gold accents and blue shoulder pads. I much prefer this to the vanilla scheme and I think it will suit the models perfectly- even if they are Stormcast!
Stay tuned for more posts and thanks for reading!

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