Tuesday, 9 August 2016

Showcase: Nurgle Chaos Chosen

While sorting out my workspace the other day (well, trying to) I came across the chaos chosen and hellbrute from Dark Vengeance. Due to the fact that my Imperial Guard forces have just succumbed to the dark gods I saw a perfect opportunity to add to that army with a small allied contingent of Chaos Marines. The fleshy armor plates and excessive amounts of bone on these models made them perfect for painting up in the Nurgle colors which my Renegades were edging towards so I decided to rescue these guys.

As per the little "Leave no model unconverted" rule that I have going on with my chaos army, all of these minis have been modified somehow. for some it was just small additions and slight reposing but for the Lord who had his sword swapped for an axe and the newly designated standard bearer the alterations were more significant. 

I replaced the strange looking sword with a huge axe; Much more befitting
of a Nurgle lord in my opinion.

Here I used a spare skaven banner painted to look like flesh and added
runes using Blood For The Blood God

This was the last model that I built and I was running out of conversion ideas;
I simply reposed his axe in the end.

For the old Sgt. I swapped his arm that was holding a shield for a chaos
warrior shield.

On this model I swapped the head to a more zombie looking one, I think
it came from the skullreaper kit but im not 100% sure.
These two models were practically identical. On one I just added a shield to
his back with some chains, the other had his bolter swapped for a
plasma gun

When basing these models I tried to add height to them. They're already taller than guardsmen but by mounting these models on 32mm bases with large pieces of slate glued on, I made these models stand out even further from the Renegade Guardsmen that they would be fighting beside. I was working on the hellbrute at the same time as I was these models yet I'm still not fully finished with him yet as I've decided to take the skin one tone lighter and use a slightly different recipe for his bone. Stay tuned for more and thanks for reading!

-Commissar Raphel

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