Saturday, 20 August 2016

WIP: Waffen SS

So after a small absence recently I'm finally back and ready to get writing some new content and I thought I'd share some WIP shots of my most recent project: A small detachment of Waffen SS for my Bolt Action German army.

These two are the first (semi)-finished units; a sniper team and a Panzershreck team. They still need basing but I'm not at this point sure what I'd like to go for. I'm still quite a way off getting the whole lot finished as I still have around 15 models to go however I've found a fairly simple method for the camo that isn't as time consuming as I originally expected.

The backs of the sniper and panzershreck models show the camo best I feel. I used a base coat of karak stone (Airbrushed), a layer of mournfang brown, a layer of warpstone glow, thin, short lines of black to break up and darken the colors and finally a wash of agrax to tone down and define the camo. This, on paper, doesn't sound like the best method however its quick and surprisingly effective. All I need to do now is decide how to base these models yet I might not decide how until I've finished the rest of the Waffen SS that I have to go with these guys.

Thanks for reading!
 -Commissar Raphel

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